Our team

Katka Martínková

President, project coordinator, trainer

DSC_9317xI am one of the proud „founding mothers“ of Brno Connected and  I take care of the organisation’s functionning and growth. I often find myself in a role of a project coordinator and a trainer. I love people, things that have sense and personal development, playfulness and creativity. I believe in the power of human potential and in the fact that everybody can achieve everything they wish for.

I have quite some experience in non-formal education, I used to work with children, youngsters, as well as yong adults, on local level and lately mostly on the international level. I spent a year in Zagreb as an EVS, I fell for international trainings and personal development and it makes sense to me to continue in the Czech Repubic.

Apart form Brno Connected I work in Impact Hub Brno as a host and I také care of the community. I talk a lot, I am learning to listen, I love traveling and taking pictures, I can never resist to chocolate and I recharge my bateries in the mountains. I also enjoy running, skiing, biking, dancing, playing or reading.


Marija wazi (Nobilisová)

Vice-president, project coordinator, trainer

DSC_9301xxI see Brno Connected as a stable point in Czech Republic for me and a space for combining my own dreams with the needs of surroundings. Through this organization I am jumping into projects with youth, leading self-development trainings in this country and abroad and continue dreaming about a gang of people who would take our NGO as an inspiring background and a connection with many similar adventurers from all over the world.

In the academic field I am a PhD student of Social Policy and Work at the Faculty of Social Studies MU. At the same time I am delivering soft-skills courses and being originally a Ukrainian I am also a president of Ukrainian Initiative of South Moravia, with which we organize several cultural and humanitarian events. I spent a year running self-development trainings in Netherlands and a year of running an NGO in Romania, I grew a lot through working in the fields of journalism, cafés, low-threshold clubs, working with drug addicted clients or in marriage counseling. In all these areas I was most inspired by the ability of people to move towards better “self” and the power of sharing and trust.


Šárka Martínková

EVS coordinator, PR, co-trainer

DSC_9306xxI am officially the youngest part of the team. I jumped into Brno Connected as a motivated EVS coordinator, PR and co-trainer. I am using my experience from long-term EVS which I recently did in Holland (in the Synergy parent NGO) as well as from many years of organizing experiential courses for youngsters and adults and volunteering around the world, which is a huge inspiration for me.

I love doing things that make sense and have impact on positive change – that works in Brno Connected for 100%. Non formal education gives natural space for self-realization and use of whole human potential, both to organizers and participants. I’ve been enthusiast for being part of it for many years. To connect energy, dreams and experience into an inspiring environment.

With  my whole heart, body and soul I am a nomad, traveler, adventurer and volunteer, through which I constantly develop myself and understand more. I love mountains, outdoor, photography, coffee on the terrace, laugh with my friends, run in the forest, dance…Simple life.


Lenka Maruniaková

Co-founder , co-trainer


I am one of the founders of Brno Connected. Currently I am living abroad and therefore I am not a fully active member of the organization. But so far I have always managed to participate in our Basic Synergy training as a co-trainer. For me BS training was one of the turning points in my life experience and I’m glad that the Synergy platform has been now expanding even in the Czech Republic.

Most of my life I have spent by studying and also by working in the field of education and personal-social development of people of different age, target groups and even environments (NGOs, business, school, academic). I have a bachelor degree in social work, master’s degree in psychology, three years doctorate in psychology, basic three-year long part of psychotherapy training in biosynthesis and further trainings and courses focused mostly on working with people in different life situations.

Since last summer I have been into something like a Sabbatical (ie. time out for myself) in Malta, where I spend my free time by relaxation, exploration of new things and even myself. I am a lover of coffee and good food. Besides cooking I have also started meditating and reading books – and yes, “Eat, Pray, Love” was a great inspiration to me : )