• Learn how to design and deliver quality non-formal education and experiential learning programmes. 
  • Find your trainer style, your values and strengths as a trainer. 
  • Get practice in a safe learning environment. 
  • Become more confident and flexible when working with groups.


Youth Catalyst is an 8-day training for trainers, designed for those who want to become trainers or facilitators in the field of non-formal education (NFE) and experiential learning (EL) and they have already took the first steps and need support in order to move further.

The main question is how to create a learning environment where young people from diverse groups feel welcome, included and safe to grow. So the training will look into, first, how to design quality tailor-made content, second, how to facilitate it in a meaningful way.

Because we believe in learning by doing, the training will be very practice oriented, applying the new tools, receiving feedback, reflecting and re-applying it again, all in a safe environment to experiment and grow. It will address holistic learning, that is learning by mind, body and heart. You can expect a very dynamic and colorful learning experience.

What we will focus on:

  • better understanding of learning processes in non-formal education,
  • ability to create safe and inclusive learning environment,
  • understanding of group dynamics and ability to build a group,
  • ability to work in a team, giving and receiving feedback,
  • the trainer roles, competences, ethics and styles, including clarifying your own trainer style, values and strengths, becoming more confident when working with groups,
  • ability to design learning programmes based on the basic non-formal education tools such as Kolb cycle or NAOMIE, and tailored to the needs of the different groups,
  • understanding and ability to facilitate reflections, debriefings and hold group processes,
  • flexibility and ability to react on the spot, in front of the group,
  • understanding of self-reflection tools and ability to use it to serve own learning,
  • outlining an own development plan and learning activities implementation plan,
  • co-creating a Trainer toolbox with other participants, that will become an open source material of tools usable in non-formal education

Project phases:

Preparation: Selection of participants, connecting with your national team, learning goals, planning within national groups. Preparation online task.

Activity: 8 days of training in the Czech Republic

Implementation and follow up: Each participant implements their learning on the local level – delivering a learning session in their local context + sharing outcomes of it, within a month after the training

Evaluation and closing: Online evaluation of impact of the training, 2 months after the training

If you decide to apply for this training, bear in mind that you are committing yourself to all four phases of this project.

The training is for you if:

  • you are officially a resident of the Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Portugal and Lithuania
  • you are 18+ years old
  • you are able to work in English
  • you are active in an organisation – i.e. you work as a youth worker, trainer, facilitator, volunteer, educator,…meaning you have previous basic experience in working with groups
  • you need tools in the framework of NFE and EL to prepare and deliver your own activities
  • you are committed to apply what you learn after the training in your city, team, organization, friends, in the next few months
  • you are motivated to move your work to a new level, practice and receive feedback
  • you are a constant learner and want to learn more about yourself
  • you are willing to actively participate during an intensive 10 – 12 hours daily programme

Priority is given to participants who are facing conditions that make their participation in commercial trainings difficult or non-affordable (i.e. unemployed, minorities, from isolated areas,..)

PROJECT DATES: 15. – 24.3.2019


VENUE: Ecocentre Loutí, Czech Republic


The projects is funded through Erasmus+ programme which means that food, accommodation, programme, materials and travel costs according to the given distance bands (check infoletter) are fully covered.

MORE INFO:  Youth Catalyst_infoletter


If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us on 

   Funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.