It is very ok… and I really mean it.

Gabka shares how was “Detect” training happening in Hungary 18.-25.7.2015, for her.

Shouting „Wooow! Wheee! Ach!“ while dancing some crazy happy dance – that’s the way I DT10would express my feelings about DETECT training in Szántód, Hungary. I hope that the other participants were touched the same way as I was, and thus they no longer write – but draw – postcards for their friends; wake up with their favourite song and instead of the Sun Salutation they just dance to start a day full of energy; and while communicating with other “human beings” they build up “a connection” by eye or body contact.

Yes, you guess right that the training, which is by the way a part of the project Common Senses, was focusing on development of verbal and nonverbal communication DT35skills, especially among youth workers, lecturers and trainers. Various methods such as dance, theatre, art techniques (drawing, painting, collage, clay sculptures,…), music and different sounds helped us to develop our senses and push our natural talents even further.

The beginning was not easy at all. When I arrived with the other members of a Czech crew on Saturday 18th July to the training base, my expectations were different from what came in the following days. I expected some theory, then some practice and model situations and reflection afterwards. And I was terribly wrong. Whole training was led in an experiential way, where participants tried different activities and it was up to them whether they accept the trainers’ invitation to get involved fully, or not, and what they take out of it.

DT36For me personally, it was bit difficult. When someone tells you to dance and to play with your body parts, first you do not understand what to do. When you finally get what s/he means, you start to think if s/he is really serious about it. And when you realize that s/he is, and start to do what is expected, at least at the beginning you feel like a fool and think about everything you could have done if you weren’t there.

I should mention that the participation in all activities was voluntary. We often heard that if DT31we do not feel like doing something, it is ok not to participate. I, as same as the other participants have still in mind often mentioned phrase “And it is very ok… And I really mean it.” However, this generous offer was not even accepted. Finally, I managed to get rid of my fears from what the others think and I opened to the training experience completely.

DT34Tropical fourties (40°C!!!) accompanied the whole training, thus we really appreciated the proximity of the “Hungarian sea” – the Lake Balaton where we often went for a cool “swim” (or to escape from ever-present mosquitoes). I say “swim” because it was a very special kind of pseud-swimming… since the lake is only about some 100 cm (maximum!) deep, you just do everything to keep floating and not to touch the ground. Nevertheless, we enjoyed it : )

Regarding to the fact, that it was an international training, the popular international dinner could not miss. This time, the dinner was with a special atmoshpere since it was arranged in a form of a beach picnic at the sunset. We had opportunity to try different food, beverages and sweets from Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands and Romania. The popular Czech sweets Rumové pralinky (rhum truffles) with alcohol filling disappeared in a second since the alcohol was strictly forbiden during the whole training.

At the beginning of the training, we made a wish for ourself –  mine was not to get bored, to DT29discover something new and to live my little adventure every day. During this dancing, painting, drawing, thinking, reflecting, I literally discovered a treasure. I realized that the adventure will not come to you. It is always you who have to create and take opportunity to experience it. You have to keep your eyes and ears open and to step forward to meet it.

I believe that each and every one of us experienced and discovered many new things and feelings which are, however, difficult to share in few written sentences. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to approach us, we will be pleased to “make a connection” and to share it in both verbal and nonverbal way. And if you are not interested in, you do not have to, it is very ok. And I really mean it.

Gabka Boková


Erasmus+The project was realized and funded through Erasmus+ programme.