Get in Touch, Slovakia, january 2019

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January project “Get in Touch” created space to discover authentic movement, contact with others and connection to our body. Hidden in between Slovak meadows and forests, in a centre beautifully called Lovinka, we allowed ourselves to slow down, speak less and simply be.

The project was led by trainers from Spanish organisation Ara en Moviment, in cooperation with Slovak organisation Priestor súčasného tanca.

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Film the change, Greece, winter 2018

This training course for me was interesting for several reasons. The development of PR activities is something that interests me for the needs of my organization. I had one day of experience with training similar activities and knew it was a very creative process with the potential to experience a lot of fun. And according to the location for the training, it was a clear choice for me.

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Close your eyes, listen and express…

It all took place in a farm surrounded by picturesque green hills, oaks and sheep with tinkling bells, where we spent seven invaluable days.

These seven days, we had a unique experience in a circle of unknown people, to whom we first briefly tried to introduce ourselves, but in the end, were able to share our deepest fears.

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Core of Coaching, Cyprus, autumn 2018

With Brno Connected, we are sending people for projects with topics of personal develpment, happening in nature, involving nonformal education and games, but also a bit more professional topics.

It was basics of coaching this time and there was Yambi, Gabi and Andrea who participated.

How was it? What did they experience? What did they learn?

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