We set out for the training course in Sofia called Code Communication in quite uneasy times, because the fear of coronavirus was already starting to spread. Despite that, I can´t say that our experience was somehow affected by this – quite the opposite. Joking around saying „He sneezed, now we all have it!“ became something that bonded our group, which arrived all safe & sound and healthy back to our own countries. But that´s for later.

What was the most intriguing for me, and I think that I can speak on behalf of the rest of our czech team as well, was the possibility to develop my communication skills. (As you could guess already by the training´s name). During the 8 days we focused on techniques such as NLP (neurolinguistic programming) or DISK.

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How to Be the Change

Gathering nearly 30 participants from 8 different countries, “Be the change” training course aimed to help youth workers to more easily identify different stereotypes, concepts, and patterns that are influencing young people and themselves mostly in a negative way.

Hi! My name is Petra and I am 26. Since I discovered opportunities of the Erasmus+ program, I have been to many countries and projects, learning about topics from language barriers to sustainable development.

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I am Being, June 2019

I am Being – a project about mindfulness, meditation, connection. During this 10-day project, we tried how it is to live in a small community of people and close to nature. We observed how it is and what it means to be creators of our own reality. It was a time for self-exploration and connection to others, a time to stop and look deep inside of us.

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DanceIn, October 2019

During this project, 60 young people from different European countries got to connect to each other and themselves through movement. We all came with a different background when it comes to dance and movement and that is what made the exchange so special. Everyone got to share something with others and therefore the number and range of workshops was incredible.

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