Encourage, September 2019

During 10 days in September, I had the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ project named EnCourage which was focused on youth exchange. It was held at nice and peaceful place in nature, not far away from the capital city of Germany – Berlin. In total, 49 people have involved in the project: 36 participants from 9 European countries (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Portugal, Romania and Serbia), 9 group leaders (each from one country) and 4 experienced facilitators.

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All you need, October, 2019

It’s not survival and it’s not a school picnic”, said Katka, one of the organizers, to us at the beginning of the Outdoor part of the programme. But other parts of these very busy days were not different – the prepared schedule from the morning to the late evening was full of exercises (called “processes”), self-improving tips and questions to think about. However, I have also enjoyed many breaks, which I have spent together with more than twenty other participants of this international course, which, at the end of it, I would not be afraid to call one big family.

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No box, October 2019

“No Boxing was a training where I learned not only to think outside the bowl but not to have a bowl.”

Between October 1 and 9, 2019, I attended the No Box International Training which took place in the mountains near Argos, near the village of Malandreni on the Greek Peloponnese. Twenty-five participants from ten European countries (Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Latvia, Spain and the United Kingdom) came here.

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YOUnique, September 2019

I participated in the training YOUnique that happened 5.-14.9.2019, even though I am not in student age anymore because I fell in love with education and I invested my life into it. When I got a chance to have a look at how youth education looks like these days and how uniqueness can be encouraged, I couldn´t miss this chance. Yes, even though I am 55 years old, I participated in a 10-day training course through Erasmus+.

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Home is…, July 2019

This training taught me to embrace discomfort as a core ingredient of growth. Before coming to the training, I’ve heard some experiences of people who have been there earlier and I clearly remember my reaction to this type of sentence – I was highly skeptical.

How is it possible that a youth exchange has such interesting and diverse impacts on people?

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