RestART 2.2.-14.2. 2018 Ommen

27907516_1340215652751350_9134696881364694643_oDany went to the Netherlands for art project RestART. What does he say about it?

“A project which helped us restart ourselves and our relationships and connection with arts, yourself and others through embodied art. What is it – embodied arts? It is art which you experience with your body – it could be dance, theater, martial arts, singing, painting and many others.”

It was a time when everyone could share with others one´s knowledge, experience, and skills. The first three day was full of workshops which group leaders prepared, guys which helped with preparation this project. Participants tried workshops about improvisation theater, a dance between order and chaos, dynamic meditation, pair acrobatics…

27993110_1340212936084955_6074071100848534642_oAfter these days was the turn of participation. They had possibility prepare their workshops or activities. It was fantastic! They had so many ideas, and if we would like to realize every one of these ideas, we would be there for three months. That was the reason that those who had similar idea started to cooperate and did the workshop together. The offer was so huge! But it has one significant disadvantage. Options were too much therefore it passed off parallel, and we had to choose. Advise me, what should I select capoeira or Swedish massage, contemporary dance or tango, singing or activities about how to connect more with others? Yeah, the offer was so huge!

27797896_1337254263047489_8218299222783570456_oBut we didn’t experience only workshops also we did a performance and shows for citizens from Ommen or us. We did even flash mob while visiting Rotterdam. One day we had a movie night with popcorn. Try to imagine – popcorn for 7O people, or we visited the local swimming pool.

I enjoyed this time of learning, varied activities, relax and fun. But what was the surprising and what is a reason this project had the most significant impact on my life from every project I experienced? It was community, group of 27500592_1331288926977356_7855951424121765417_o70 people who accept you, support you, carry with you and share with you their authentic life’s.

It was the experience you can be connected and included in such a large group and don’t lose your authenticity and made friendships which will last longer than this project. This project was the real restart for me.