“WAVES – basics for youthworkers”, Hungary, 20.-29.8.2015

waves_promo picWhat are my values in live? What are my patterns of thinking and acting? What are my skills? What is my role in a team? How do I support others? How do I motivate myself and others?

Do you have days when these questions keep you busy? Then this training is for you!

Egyesek, a hungarian organisation, organizes a 10-day training for youthworkers, youthleaders, mentors, coaches, trainers, facilitators and others who are interested in the topic.

The training is for you if you are: 

– active in the youth and/or community work sector, using methods of non-formal learning
–  wanting to improve your own personal and professional competences, refresh your approaches and exchange practices in order to become more effective in your work and life.
–  focusing on the increase of employability of their target groups
–  eager to learn, open to new, enjoy being a full-time participant

Partner countries in the project: Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Lithuania, Turkey, Czech Republic, Jordan, Armenia, Georgia.

Participants´age : 18+

Dates of the project: 19.-29.8.2015

Deadline for application: 15.7.2015

Venue: Holloko, Hungary

Participation fee: 80EUR

The projects is funded through Erasmus+ programme which means that food, accomodation, programme, materials and travel costs up to 180EUR are fully covered.

More info: Waves_infoletter

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!