“3D: Discover, Dare and Dive In!”, Czech Republic, 29.5. – 9.6.2017

3D promo picture We invite you on a journey where you will DISCOVER how you and others learn and grow, DARE to take a next step in your life and DIVE IN your personal growth.
Come and join us in creating new dimensions of learning, education and development for yourself and for others.

20 participants. 6 nationalities. 10 days of an intense personal development programme. Synergy method. Experienced international team.

„3D: Discover, Dare and Dive In!“ is a ten days international training focusing on the topic of education, learning and personal development.

In an international group, we  will explore how we learn and how we support others in learning, how we motivate ourselves and others, how we make education playful and fun experience and how to be creative in learning. Through experiential activities we will see how to take responsibility for our own learning, how to discover and develop potential of every individual and how to go for our maximum in life.

We will be looking for synergies and interconnections between formal and non-formal education and explore how to implement non-formal education methods into the formal environment. The target group are youth workers, volunteers, teachers, trainers, social workers and everybody interested in formal and non-formal education and learning, who want to share their practices and learn new tools and methods that are usable in their everyday personal and professional life.

The approach we are using in the project is basic Synergy training, a personal development method shared among organisations around Europe that belong to International Synergy Group.

You will have an opportunity to improve your:

  • creativity and proactivity
  • learning and personal development skills
  • communication skills
  • leadership skills
  • cooperation skills
  • planning and organisation skills
  • flexibility
  • ability to identify and use your own potential
    …and much more!

The training is for you if:

  • you are older than 18 years
  •  you are a registered inhabitant of the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Greece or Croatia
  • your are involved or interested in the field education (as a professional or volunteer, social
    worker, youthworker, teacher, trainer,..)
  • you want to improve your personal and professional competences, refresh your approaches and exchange practices
  • you are willing to live, learn, play, inquire, reflect, experiment and explore in a multicultural group
  • you are physically and mentally ready to take on 10-14 hours per day of programme
  •  you are able to work in English
  • you are highly motivated and willing to actively participate during the whole training

Dates of the project: 29.5. – 9.6.2017

Deadline for application: 31.3. 2017

Venue: Adamov, Czech Republic

More info: 3D_ infoletter

Application form: click here

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at brnoconnected@gmail.com

Erasmus+    Funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.