Core of Coaching, Cyprus, autumn 2018

With Brno Connected, we are sending people for projects with topics of personal develpment, happening in nature, involving nonformal education and games, but also a bit more professional topics.

It was basics of coaching this time and there was Yambi, Gabi and Andrea who participated.

How was it? What did they experience? What did they learn?

It all began on 24th July 2018 when I received another newsletter from Salto Youth, this time with one really interesting offer of a training for me – Core of Coaching, and on top of that focused on working with EVS volunteers.I found it so magical because I was just in the middle of preparing application to be accredited to host and send EVS volunteers and I was cogitating on how to host our volunteers and guide them through their learning process the best way. In a minute and with a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement I had filled in the application. The first week after submitting was so slow, I wanted to know the results of my application (was I selected or not…) badly. However, with time, being so busy with other issues, I completely forgot all about the application – how typical 🙂

On the last August Tuesday, I saw an email from Brno Connected, with Filip (a person unknown to me) writing: “Hi, congratulations, you have been selected to participate on Core of Coaching project that takes place in Cyprus, 25.9.- 2.10.2018!”

I instantly connected hosting organization, confirmed my interest and started the search for air tickets. I usually organize English Summer Camps in August and so I was overloaded with much work at that time but that didn´t stop me from arranging everything I needed in order to catch on the training. And of course, I managed to check weather on Cyprus for the end of September / beginning of October, too 🙂

Next? Waiting again… in the beginning the feeling of time infinity and then, all of the sudden, there comes the end of September and I am not packed yet, trying to organize my house before departure (I have got two kids…) pretending that I have it all safe in my hands.

It is Monday 24th September, my husband is taking me to the airport and I am on my own, on my path of education to a country I have never visited before, country alluring me with warm climate and sea.

Before my departure I connected with Andrea, another Czech participant and on my way I got connected with more participants through WhatsApp group. It is all starting fun promising. At least I will have fun classmates. I met a driver who is to take me to training destination, Andrea and two more participants after my arrival to Larnaca at the airport. We talked through all the way to our hotel, everyone excited about the training. We met more participants in the hotel. We came late for dinner and because nobody was informed about our late coming, we didn´t get any food that evening but this is life…

I went to sleep, so excited about the next day, so tired of my trip and with my mind set to become fresh and ready for the first day of the training.

It has finally started. We are welcomed by trainers and by organizers and we are getting to know each other with all participants. Initial little shy feelings are slowly and surely melting in non´formal classroom set up. We are a great group, having good times together (in training as well as in free/fun time). All days of trainings are passing on in the spirit of friendship, respect and tolerance. Trainers are very well prepared and equipped with patience and generosity. And so, when the last day comes, I am full of positive energy and ready to go home do some real work (using what I received during the training)

On my way home I felt lonely, missing the group, warm weather and being lazy (I didn´t need to cook on the training) already. But I couldn´t wait to see my family either – home sweet home…

Is this the end of the story? Of course not! I still need to accomplish the reimbursement of travel expenditures, training feedback and most importantly implement all I have learned during the training in my working process. Besides, our WhatsApp group of participants is still quite active…

And what was it about?

The training was all about coaching – we learnt and tried different coaching methods and tools. What I really found practical was practising open and close questions for example. We also talked about differences between coaching and mentoring. Another practical tool “reframing” (a way to support a coachee when he/she is attached to a certain way of thinking or living or when the solution of his/her problem could be a change – of environment, point of view etc.). I really enjoyed one day of training when we were exploring our body movements, breathing and body posture. It was very nice, relaxing and reflexing day which I found very useful for increasing self-awareness or/ad self-confidence and learning methods to relax and reflect. One day was fully dedicated to coaching – in pairs, with other participants we experienced being coaches and being coached. This gave me a space to practise some tools and methods we had been given during the training and receive feedback.

A bit of addition from Gabi:

As Yambi summarized, the project environment was very open and friendly. As for the program, it was busy with training, but there was also time for sharing experiences among the participants. In the morning, we (some of us) used to go to the sea to look at sunrise and swim, then for breakfast. Then energized we started the program. We have discussed several coaching techniques and after the theory we practiced the theory. Viktoria and Panagiotis were our guides and mentors and they did a great job. For me personally it was not just about the program itself, but also about the group that we have formed. We were able to share ideas and inspire and of course coach each other. It was great. Thanks for everyone involved! ?

Yambi Mwesigwová, Gabča Schreinerová, Andrea Nováková


The project was realized and funded through Erasmus+ programme