LEAD ON, 27.10. -5.11.2022, CRETE

International training on the topic of leadership. Do you want to be more confident in the role of the leader? Become more aware of your own strengths which you can build upon when working with people? Be more aware of the values that are important for you and find inspiration in yourself and in others? Be more proactive and initiative in teams and projects you are part of? “Lead On” might be for you.

The training offers an intensive and experiential personal development programme for those who are or will be in position of youth leaders (working with teams, organising and leading youth activities, workcamps, workshops, volunteering programmes, etc) and are looking for empowerment in this role.

With this training, we want to empower you in leading yourself and others, being initiative and having courage to start new projects, bring change and create impact in your organisations, teams and communities.

It consists of a series of intense personal development processes, that are highly non-formal and experiential. During the programme we are dealing with topics and concepts of automatic behaviours, patterns, inclusion, cooperation, communication, authenticity, integrity, accountability and much more. If you are willing to learn and go for it, you will have the chance to expand your own limitations, maximize your creativity and create the results you were stopping yourself creating before. This all requires your full participation, commitment and openness to a specific approach.

The programme is using a method called “basic Synergy training” – it is an intense experiential programme that requires your full participation. Check the infopack for more info and decide if its for you or not.

Participants‘  profile:

  • You feel attracted to the topic of the training and it is relevant for you
  • You are over 18 years old
  • You are a registered inhabitant of Greece, Estonia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland or Italy
  • You are a youth worker (young activist, peer educator, volunteer, mentor, coach, trainer..), NGO staff (NGO manager or colleague, leader, office staff…) or representative of formal education (teacher, assistant at school, ..)
  • You are physically and mentally ready to take on 10 – 15 hours per day of programme (including meals and breaks)
  • You are highly motivated and willing to actively participate during the whole project
  • You are able to work in English

PROJECT DATES: 27.10. – 5.11.2022

APPLICATION PROCESS: Participants are selected continuously, based on the quality and relevance of their application. You will receive information whether you are selected within two weeks from applying.

VENUE: Kolymbari, Crete, Greece

TRAINERS: Katka Martínková, Marija Wazi

The project is funded through the Erasmus+ programme which means that food, accommodation, programme, materials and travel costs according to the given distance bands (check infoletter) are fully covered.

More info: Infoletter

Application form : click here


Funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.