What was the project Europe’s Got Talent?

Before I took a part in Europe’s got talent I hardly knew anything about synergy methods and I never heard about SYNCRO or Brno Connected before. I found out about the project randomly from Facebook one day. The project in general was about creative employability and as I was unemployed that time I decided to give it a try.

From the very beginning I was not sure what to expect and this did not actually change that much during the project. Every day on the project was a new surprise and new journey. The project itself consisted of many simple games, which helped me to understand a lot about my own skills. The first week was very variable and heavy. We talked and played games about creativity, talent, comfort zone or accountability. After this first part we passed through the highlight of the project: two days outdoor training. This was connecting all the topics we talked about earlier and we had two days to challenge ourselves through many unusual tasks.

talent 3I found out that there are many things which you might do in two days in Croatia and I never thought this could be possible before I tried! The amount of stories we all brought from the outdoor training was incredible and definitely the most worth-while part of the project.

During the whole two weeks I also had the opportunity to be in several different international groups and met many interesting people, that I could hardly meet in my ordinary life. Afterall I was happy I went to unknown and tried to take part in this project: that is the best way to learn and enjoy the success in the end.

Hana Banana

Croatia, summer, people from 6 different countries, self developing. Honestly these four facts impressed me to take a part in this project: Europe’s got talent and in the end i was really satisfied that i could spent time like that. I felt that i am not wasting my time and i am enjoying every moment in my life.

I could work on myself, shared my life with others and learnt from them. I felt how i was “growing” during these days and like a benefit i met a lot of amazing people, which talent 1and i am still in touch with them.

On the project we had also healthy food every day, which was really not for everybody but i liked that and also we could every morning before program visit yoga classes for free. YES FOR FREE! 🙂

I learnt so many new things also that i can implement to my life and make it more high-quality. And for that i really thank you SYNCRO and Brno connected, that they picked me as a participant.

Míša Koník