Re-Connecting at Fuerteventura

IMG_1376In Brno Connected team, we take different roles in the international projects. Sometimes we lead the projects and deliver the programme and sometimes, we go as participants, to get new energy and inspiration. In November Katka and Dori went as participants to the project Re-Connecting that was led by our Šárka as one of the trainers.

We want to share our experience from the island of Fuerteventura, from the mountains, where their is nothing and a space for everything appears, a space for slowing down, tuning into our own rhythm, journey to ourselves, re-connection.

Faila DSC_8395-Pano.jpg kopija“I went for Re-Connecting after a hectic working period and I was looking forward to slow down and to give time to myself, filled with meaningful programme. Leaving cold and foggy Czechia and moving to summerish Fuerteventura was a nice bonus. First impressions from the island were nothing special though. Dryness, basically no trees, desert-like landscape, strong wind. How can somebody want to go here for holidays? The venue in the middle of the hills was also something I needed to get used to. After a few days this place completely got me and I fell in love with „simple life“ that we led there. Mobile phone became an alarm only, getting up in the morning, doing a bit of yoga, breakfast outside on my favourite bench with a mountain view, no rush. Programme that supported this slowing down, through meditations and visualisations, wandering around the hills, dancing or creative techniques.

IMG_0290I am used to „run“ through my life, having a feeling of being late all the time, being too busy, needing the day to be longer. I tis hard work for me to slow down, relax, not be everywhere. Re-Connecting was a big „school“ and impulse for me. Words „Take a deep breath. There is nowhere to be, nowhere to go“ are deeply anchored and became my mantra, especially now, back home, when I get the feeling of jumping back to the tempo that I actually don´t like. I want to keep this simplicity, go to the nature, because it feel good, dance, because I enjoy it, just be, when I feel like. Sleep outside, because there isn´t a more beautiful bed then the one under the stars. Sounds simple, right?”

Katka Martínková

IMG_0311“The Re-connecting training was just what I needed in my life right now. After a long period of traveling and learning about the world, life, people and most of all – myself, I feel the call to focus my energy into creating my desired occupation that honors my values and through which I can spread them among others. I was encountering various obstacles though – all of them coming from my head – that were stopping me from moving forward. The training was a perfect opportunity to regain IMG_1053the trust in myself and in the process that is unfolding before me. I deeply appreciated the setting and approach of the training, which really supported me in going in, facing my demons and finding my strength. The processes we were going through offered a lot of space for self-reflection in various situations, which helped to make the transition from the training setting back to the reality of my daily life smooth and natural. I feel that the learing from Re-connecting stays now deeply rooted within me, or even better – as if I have cleared a pathway within me that was long cluttered with a garbage of fears and self-doubt and now my energy can flow freely in the direction I decide to focus it.”

Dori Tomaszová

Photos by: Rota Gulevska + Elina Primaka, full album here

Erasmus+The project was realized and funded through Erasmus+ programme.