What did we experience in November 2017 with Brno Connected? Project Re: Source!

DSCF4683xThe project was attended by 29 young people who created an amazing atmosphere. Although the weather was cold and cloudy, we enjoyed sunshine together, because the Sluňákov ecocentre where the course was held is built to catch the sunshine. Even though it was a meeting of Bulgarians, Greeks, Italians, Spaniards, Hungarians and Czechs, six different nationalities, at the end it was almost impossible to know who is who. We were one big family. And we did not do any classic teambuilding activities.


What does the Czech team say about it?
Terka (30)
DSCF4366“I have discovered that what we perceive as waste does not necessarily end up in a basket (though sorted), but that it can make new, full-value products. And that can be fun too.
Social Business – I’ve learned a lot of new examples of good practice. And that is not just a good idea but also a business plan.
Having workshops at elementary school was a great way to teach pupils a playful form of different knowledge and, above all, to enjoy their time together.”


Kate (29)
“Re: Source was the second project I participated in. It was 9 days (with arrival and departure 11) filled from morning to evening with the program. For the first two thirds of the course, we learned various techniques for business development, methods of communication with other participants, and tips for creative products from waste materials.

DSCF4277We had a great team and we were closer day by day. Ability to negotiate and act independently without previous instructions we could try out in the last third of the course when we were thrown into the water and had to prepare 6 workshops for children from the local primary school and then networking with presentations of some of us in Impact HUB in Brno.
Every day I was very exhausted by a demanding program, but again a little richer about interesting experiences and for me first of all insights and relations with other participants.
The tutors Katka and Sipi, who conducted us through the whole course, chose the best techniques they explained very clearly. In the tutorial section, we had every day the same smaller groups before dinner, where we shared fresh impressions and even what we were thinking about and what we wanted to change.
The more demanding parts of the program were appropriately alternated with creative parts where everyone could relax and delight their imagination to the 100% – even dancing part.
It is not possible to briefly describe everything the course gave me. Perhaps most in the future helped me with DSCF4359my business one insight which I launched thanks to the Elevator pitch technique. Throughout the course there were so many smaller “moments of aha”, inner lessons and communication improvements, that I then went home very transformed.
I am used to working on my self-development every day because I need it for myself and for my work as a coach. But once in a while, it’s great to get out of the comfort zone and jump even further. Which was totally accomplished by this course. 🙂
Thanks for the chance to be there!”


Erasmus+The project was realized and funded through Erasmus+ programme.