europe-got-talentBecome the master of your own life. The world is a place full of opportunities, but also social rules, which doesn´t allow you to see the options. This project was created to help you to find your inner wishes, dreams and talents.

Europe’s Got Talent  is a youth exchange which will learn you a number of tools and techniques which will help you to bring out your creativeness and uniqueness, become more self-aware, competitive and confident in terms of self-realization. Thanks to it you can live a better live, easily find a job and help the others too.

Rijeca, Croatia. July 2016. 11 days of intense youth exchange, 36 participants. 6 countries. Continue reading

GET STARTED, CZECH REPUBLIC, 15. – 23. 5. 2016


Do you wonder what to do with your life? Are you finishing school, changing job or searching for one? Have you considered social enterprise – or may be you already have an idea for a start-up?  This training offers tools and direction to go for it!

GET STARTED is an intense training focused on your skills, knowledge and attitudes. You will get space to create a plan for social enterprise in a context of our living place and organization we are working in.

It will help you with financial sustainability of the enterprise, involvement of volunteers and new co-workers, networking, planning further, new suppliers, administration, evaluation and entrepreneurial skills with personal development or new financial strategies.

Prague, Czech Republic. May 2016. 8 days of intense youth exchange, 30 participants. 8 countries. Continue reading

„Letʾs Get Creative!“, Czech Republic, 9.-18.4.2016

Lets get Creative_promo pictureHow to bring creativity and playfulness into my everyday life? How to be responsible and use my potential to the fullest? How to become a creator of my life path and a career I have been dreaming about?

„Letʾs Get Creative!“ is an international youth exchange for those who want to take a step forward in their lives.

30 people. 6 nationalities. 10 days of an intense personal development programme. Synergy method. Experienced international team.

Are you in?

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“MEDIAGRAPHY #2”, ROMANIA, 16.-23. 2. 2016

Mediagraphy#2_PromotionalPhoto1On-going raise and importance of self-branding and digital skills in the  modern society, while the youth unemployment is at rising stakes. Mediagraphy project efficiently combines the two aspects in learning self-branding exchanges, while developing practical skills that employers or entrepreneurial paths are looking after, through involving youth directly as media creators.

Jump in! Second phase of Mediagraphy+: Social Median & Branding is a perfect start for your future.

Iasi, Romania. February 2016. 8 days of intense youth exchange, 20 participants. 4 countries.

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