“Art of Understanding”, Czech Republic, 21.8. – 1.9.2017

Art of Understanding_promo pic„A lot of problems would disappear if we talked to each other instead of about each other.“

Come and discover how you create your reality and relationships through the way of communicating with yourself and others. Join us and find new ways how to authentically connect to one another, to share and to express your ideas and needs.

24 participants. 6 nationalities. 10 days of an intense personal development programme. Synergy method. Experienced international team of organisers. Are you in?

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“3D: Discover, Dare and Dive In!”, Czech Republic, 29.5. – 9.6.2017

3D promo picture We invite you on a journey where you will DISCOVER how you and others learn and grow, DARE to take a next step in your life and DIVE IN your personal growth.
Come and join us in creating new dimensions of learning, education and development for yourself and for others.

20 participants. 6 nationalities. 10 days of an intense personal development programme. Synergy method. Experienced international team.

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“Re-connection”, Czech Republic, 16.-23. 10. 2016

Re-connection promoImagine what quality you could bring to light in your country, in your community, if trust in life, peace and love flow through you rather than fear? Explore deeply nature in you and around you, as way to full self expression, connection to your heart and unique development of the human potential, as a way how to create together the World with tolerance, multicultural spirit, peaceful coexistence and cooperation.

Brno Connected opens the door for the innovative, intensive, 8 days long personal development training course for youth workers, trainers and all those called by deep natural connection with self, coming from Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Macedonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania.

16.-23. 10. 2016, Czech Republic, Rychleby

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europe-got-talentBecome the master of your own life. The world is a place full of opportunities, but also social rules, which doesn´t allow you to see the options. This project was created to help you to find your inner wishes, dreams and talents.

Europe’s Got Talent  is a youth exchange which will learn you a number of tools and techniques which will help you to bring out your creativeness and uniqueness, become more self-aware, competitive and confident in terms of self-realization. Thanks to it you can live a better live, easily find a job and help the others too.

Rijeca, Croatia. July 2016. 11 days of intense youth exchange, 36 participants. 6 countries. Continue reading

GET STARTED, CZECH REPUBLIC, 15. – 23. 5. 2016


Do you wonder what to do with your life? Are you finishing school, changing job or searching for one? Have you considered social enterprise – or may be you already have an idea for a start-up?  This training offers tools and direction to go for it!

GET STARTED is an intense training focused on your skills, knowledge and attitudes. You will get space to create a plan for social enterprise in a context of our living place and organization we are working in.

It will help you with financial sustainability of the enterprise, involvement of volunteers and new co-workers, networking, planning further, new suppliers, administration, evaluation and entrepreneurial skills with personal development or new financial strategies.

Prague, Czech Republic. May 2016. 8 days of intense youth exchange, 30 participants. 8 countries. Continue reading