How was “Empowering the Youth”?

DSCF0591„Empowering the Youth“, another of Brno Connected projects, was  successfully delivered!

17.-26.10.2015 a group of youthworkers, volunteers and people interested in  the topic from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Latvia, Romania, Greece, Hungary and the Czech Republic met in order to work on the topic of youth empowerment in their personal development and career building.

The training took place in the beautiful nature in the middle of Moravian Karst, at the ecocentre Svycarna close to Adamov. Surrounded by autumn nature we had time and space to focus on ourselves and to devote ourselves to the intense programme.

The participants had an opportunity to get to know themselves better, to develop their DSCF0215personal and professional skills, to gain proactive attitude and to think of their strengths and ask themselves a question „how does my dream job look like?“. Employability was a key topic of the project, which we approached through the personal development methods, supporting participants in developing their own responsibility and creating choices in their future career and successes they want to have in life.

DSCF0291The participants worked on their communication skills, interculutral learning, inclusive approach, creativity, flexibility and much more. At the same time we had a look on the topic from its practical side – trying out the „elevator pitch“ technique, going for a simulated interview or delivering workshops.

We want to thank our partner organisations : Synergy Bulgaria, Attiva Mente (Italy), C.A.R.E. (Greece), Synergy Romania, YMCA Bitola (Macedonia), Biedriba „Piedzivojuma Gars“ (Latvia)  for cooperation!


The project was funded through Erasmus+ programme.