„MEDIAGRAPHY + #3“, ROMANIA, 8. – 15. 4. 2016

Mediagraphy#3_PromotionalPhoto1Modern world belongs to the media. Computer, television, video, news, photos, social networking, internet … there are hundreds of them. Each of them has certain rules. If you learn to work with them, you will increase your value at labor market and find a job more easily. For this purpose, we present you Mediagraphy +.

You will learn to work with online media, build your personal brand and offer yourself at labor market effectively.  Even more, you will gain a lot of hard and soft skills. The project is following the Mediography #1 and #2, but you can assign for it even if you didn´t appear at them.

Iasi, Romania. April 2016. 8 days of intense youth exchange, 20 participants. 4 countries.



– you are young and not employed, willing to develop in order to get hired or that are still under the construction of your personal branding or identity

– you are from Czech Republic, Greece, Poland or Romania

– you are 16-28 years old interested in learning about media, branding and accessing digital tools for learning, in order to get employed

– you want to learn, play, experiment and explore with others within multicultural group


  • abilities on photography/video-makig;
  • how to work with camera settings;
  • competences on framing – how to work with perspectives;
  • macro and tele photography in learnig activities;
  • creating video for promotion;
  • competences on handling tripods, screens, gadgets;
  • designing an online campaign for getting emploeyd;
  • communication and leadership skills;
  • intercultural evenings and discovering lasi &



Method is a combined form of “learning by experience” – as a form of learning from experiencing different activities and putting it into practice in the daily life and routine, “learning to play, playing to learn” connected with learning from games, from actions and playful environment and “media practices” a method we developed in having youth as media creators.

Group processes. Teamwork activities. Lectures and facilitated processes. Group simulations and demonstration tutorials. Dynamic workshops. Online work and assignments. Intercultural learning and sharing. Learning by doing – groups, individuals.

DATA OF PROJECT: 8.-15. 4. 2016

Accommodation, food and the program itself are paid from the grant gained from EU called Erasmus+ . Travel will be reimbursed till 170 €.


More info: Mediagraphy Infoletter a Application form.

In case of any questions we are here for you at brnoconnected@gmail.com.

The purpose of the project is an increase in digital/ICT competences and increase of possibility to get employed within next 12 months.