Vitek is sharing his experience from project in Romania: Mediagraphy+ Design&Creativity, organized and delivered by Synergy Romania.

12308794_10154294308389989_6641164032315334741_nI would like to share with you the impression of the project Mediagraphy+. It was the first one of a series of projects ─ three youth exchanges in the East of Romania, in Iasi. The whole cycle is focused on building a personal brand, design, photography, social media, and other topics related to media. 

Even the trip itself was a great experience, it takes approximately 32 hours. We chose the most sophisticated and the cheapest option too. It was a combination of bus and train links. The disadvantage of timing, we morphed into building our group and increasing knowledge of local transport.

The first day was about the arrival of participants, introductions and informal activities for the cohesion of the team. Since we were a long way very tired, so we went straight to bed. The following day was introduced agenda entire project. Then we discussed the theory of communication and effects of that on the audience. Through short videotaped speeches that everyone can try presentation in a limited time. This first exercise was important in the manifestation of our authenticity. Indeed, authenticity was the key word of this project and an important impulse for the development of further work. We have also worked with a description of our personality, each introduced by a photo of your working place. Then it was put on the wall.mistnost

The third day we focused on mind maps and prioritizing our values and goals. Mind maps helped us to starting point for creating own personal brand and logo. It was on the basis of summarizing the mind map, we outlined the contours of our future logos. The next day was
anchored in the creative process, from the initial sketches, and then we chose the font to finalize the logo. It was possible to keep processing manually or by computer.martin

The fifth and sixth day, we were left to organize their own workshops. It was an exercise to work with voice, meditation, methods of storytelling, graphics and photography workshops, and relaxation techniques. For the participants, it was a great opportunity to try to lead their own workshops.

In free time we were exploring the city of Iasi. This small town is a major student center in the east of Romania. The eighth day, we summarized all the outputs that were in the wall. In the evening we went to a local community center, where we presented before the public the whole project.

narozeninyThis project was unique for several reasons. Primarily because it contained expertise and also proposed template enriched the specific experiences of the participants, and especially not to forget the development of multicultural dialogue, and improved them even more. I can say that both formal and informal training components perfectly complement each other.

Finally, I must add that the Czech team also worked very well, and would like to thank the Czech team and Brno Connected for this opportunity.

Vítek VotroubekErasmus+ 

 Funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.