Mediagraphy+ the week full of inspiration

Katka was at project Mediagraphy + in Romania. How did she like it? 

2Usually when you decide to attend some Youth Exchange project you have some idea what is the project going to be about. Of course, you can read about it in infopack!

But what you can’t find there is how awesome people you can meet. Youngsters full of ideas, courage, dreams, self-confidence, those who have open mind and good energy to share. We spent all together one wonderful week working on finding our self-brand and ground beneath our feet. We were working in small groups as well as in one big team and we managed to create great working atmosphere where impossible was nothing!

1Sometimes our expectations about the program can be so high and we can be then little bit disappointed. But no, it wasn’t this case! Our facilitators prepared for us so many interesting activities leading us from recognizing ourselves and grounding (that we for example practiced on slack line) through team work and sharing our skills (most of us worked in some applications and programs the first time), to the last days when they gave us all their trust and let us create Open day full of workshops that we prepared for youngsters in Iasi.

I am glad I had the opportunity to be part of this amazing youth exchange that run up in my veins a new energy and gave me inspiration where to direct my future way!