Past of Nature is Future

5René, Eva and Eva went on youth exchange called Nature is Future to Croatia. What did they learn there? 

Sustainable living, being in harmony of nature, navigation in nature, natural resources, edible plants, importance of protecting natural areas were the topics of the youth exchange Nature is Future. The project was very well organized and it involved all these topics.

1Sustainability is really important topic and it is necessary to raise awareness about it among youth. It is useful to teach about sustainability through non-formal education and through workshops and various activities as we did at this youth exchange. For example the third day was amazing because we went to the city of Gospic to meet a woman from the Local Action Group Lika. She told as information about the work of this action group and she presented as the Lika region. This Croation region is really interesting because its population density is small but there are many important nature areas which are protected. Therefore this areas have great future potential for example for ecoturism. Then we visited local permaculture garden which is an example of local activity and great inspiration. We finished the day visiting small protected area where Grabovača cave is located. We could see in real life the importance of active citizenship of locals and the importance of protecting beautiful areas we visited.

Eva Valentová

Great experience!


This project was about nature, ecology, sustainable living, new friendships and fun. Though funny activities and games we learnt how to help our planet, how to navigate in nature, which plants we can eat, how to protect our environment and much more, for example how to communicate in English and live with other people from different cultures. It was amazing time, very good experience and I recommend everybody to experience it!

Eva Dudíková


Awesome time in virgin nature!


The project „Nature is future“ gave us a deep insight into protecting nature and living in harmony with natural forces. We spent a week in Veliki Žitnik, Croatia, in the wonderful Lika region, learning about the importance of sustainable living and protecting our surrounding. We met a lot of new friends, learnt interesting stuff about other cultures and improved our English communication skills. Personally, the best activity was hiking when we spend hours in mountains and woods, enjoying the beauty of Croatian countryside. We also visited caves in Grabovača Natural Park and the city of Gospic. I gained new knowledge and experience that we can use in our personal live.

René Zelinka