Core of Coaching, Cyprus, autumn 2018

With Brno Connected, we are sending people for projects with topics of personal develpment, happening in nature, involving nonformal education and games, but also a bit more professional topics.

It was basics of coaching this time and there was Yambi, Gabi and Andrea who participated.

How was it? What did they experience? What did they learn?

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My Italian EVS (10/2017 – 9/2018)

Jitka spent a year on EVS, with organisation YOUnet. How does she reflect on her stay, being back home now?

EVS is not just an important item in the CV. EVS is a lifestyle. It is an experience that will give you a lot of memories for your whole life. It will teach you to live alone, by yourself, work with other people with other cultural habits, change your life in the better way and give you friends for all of your life.

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RestART, Netherlands, summer 2018

Finally RestARTed!
Quit job. Move your stuff to a storage room. Rent your place. Pack your bags. Ready, steady ,go!!

This is my late June. A few months before summer time I decided that I needed a change,  leave Prague and start a new chapter of my life. A training course called RestART, focusing on personal development
through art and happening at the beginning of July in Ommen, Holland, seemed as a good idea to start with. Embodied techniques, arts, theatre, dance. I love all these things. So I applied and HURRAY, I was accepted 🙂
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Somewhere in Hungary the magic happened… 09/2018

Eyes are the windows to the soul. This very famous saying known already from the Bible made our journey through the “Speak Up: Communicate effectively” project very special. We started as a group of individuals in Hollókö, Hungary close to Slovakian boarder. Thanks to series of activities, tools, techniques and workshops we changed. A lot. The term COMMUNITY has proved to be important as each of us became an  important part of it. The group of 27 people from 6 countries shared together for 8 days space, vegetarian food, entertainment, time and thoughts.

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Leave Your Trace was a short-term EVS  (European volunteer service) in a small Croatian village called Veliki Žitnik. We arrived on 12th August and we were there until 27th August 2018. There were volutneers from Czech republic, Latvia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Poland and Germany and we all got along very well. We played some great games, which helped us to remember the names of all participants very quickly and also to learn some stuff about each other.

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