GET STARTED, CZECH REPUBLIC, 15. – 23. 5. 2016


Do you wonder what to do with your life? Are you finishing school, changing job or searching for one? Have you considered social enterprise – or may be you already have an idea for a start-up?  This training offers tools and direction to go for it!

GET STARTED is an intense training focused on your skills, knowledge and attitudes. You will get space to create a plan for social enterprise in a context of our living place and organization we are working in.

It will help you with financial sustainability of the enterprise, involvement of volunteers and new co-workers, networking, planning further, new suppliers, administration, evaluation and entrepreneurial skills with personal development or new financial strategies.

Prague, Czech Republic. May 2016. 8 days of intense youth exchange, 30 participants. 8 countries.


  • you are 18-30 years old or a youth worker (then there is no age limit),
  • you are a registered inhabitant of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Ukraine, Turkey or Lithuania,
  • you are a student finishing studies, unemployed, between jobs or soon to be looking for job ,
  • you want to discover the world of social enterprise with an intention of creating your own start-up or sharing this idea among people in your country in proactive way,
  • you are willing to experiment and explore, get inspired, learn, play, inquire, reflect and take actions on a spot you are physically and mentally ready to take on 8-10 hours per day of program you are able to work in English you are highly motivated and willing to actively participate during the whole training


  • exchange knowledge on how to create / promote your own enterprise,
  • learn and practice the entrepreneurial skill set in order to find/create an inspiring activity that makes income,
  • see perspectives in the labor market at European level,
  • develop skills at the level of promoting one´s own personality and work abilities,
  • identify opportunities towards the materializing of what you like to do (passions, talents, hobbies, skills).



Our training method is based on learning by experience. The method is focused on an experience of an individual and is connected to the specific needs and the level of learning of the participant at the moment. Participants will be faced with solving problems in various contexts. To succeed they will need to expand their personal limits, to go beyond what they have done so far. Some parts of the program, participants will work in different environment. Outdoor activities provide opportunities for going out of one’s comfort zone.

data of project: 15. – 23. 5. 2016
VENUE: eco farm Toulcův dvůr, Prague, Czech Republic

Accommodation, food and the program itself are paid from the grant gained from EU called Erasmus+ . Travel will be reimbursed till 180 € for the Czech Republic and Hungary and till 275 € for the other countries.


More info:  Get Started Infoletter   a Get Started APPLICATION FORM


In case of any questions we are here for you at

The purpose of the project is promote selfconfidence, capabilities and empowering the youth to fulfill their dreams by using a willing mind set.

Erasmus+    Funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.