Just close your eyes…

Reconnection 48x

How was the training Re-connection, which was created by Brno Connected and thanks to program Erasmus+ could take place at October 16-23, 2016, in Rychleby? Petra will share her experiences with us.

Just close your eyes… close them and it is there. Every person, who has written something into your heart, every moment which still makes you quietly smiling again and again. You know that you can feel it whenever you want. It is yours, forever. It is mine.

How happened that I remember so many feelings from this time at Ondrejovka, how happened that I easily see myself sitting in the circle, hand in hand, my fingers twisted with the others. Feeling pure stream of love and don’t want to split them. In this moment I fully know how grateful I am for being just right on this place and I don’t think about the past and the future, about what will happen and if this moment will end and when. Questions are not present for this connection. Re-Connection..

Reconnection 27

I will write about these ten days spent together with other people who also decided to discover love in ourselves. In my mind there is plenty of warm words, sentences which don’t need to be finished because every answer, every way-out is inside us, ready to be seen and touched or waiting to the right moment to come up.

To say as honestly as I am able to, more than words feelings are coming now. During Re-Connection we were speaking, sharing… but also feeling a lot. Feeling emotions, incoming questions and uncertainties, support and insightness. Maybe therefore I feel constantly attracted to write about love, write about the heat which I am feeling now… and yet, isn’t it truthful to follow emotions which are coming right now? Re-connecting in myself with what is now saying that it just want to be…

Reconnection 45ax

When more than twenty streams of love energy join togehter, hearts start to dance. One hearth can dance solitary, others two are dancing wildly together, others are just in hug and basking each other. But every one knows that they are dancing together, just the rhytm can be different.

My memories to Re-Connection are too warm to be written in more describing words. What I can is to let you feel the same…


Erasmus+    Funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.