Find the Lost

36085452324_aaf145feca_oTo find the lost. That was the main aim of the project bearing the same name, taking place at the end of August in a beautiful place in Latvia, called Rites. There were five other Czech participants attending the project with me – Jana, Katka, Jirka U. and Jirka Š. There was also Jan, who is now in Latvia, participating in a European Volunteer Service, helping projects like this one. After reading the info pack I knew immediately that this is, in this fast and overly technological age, the exact thing I am looking for. The project promised reconnecting with nature, finding honesty with oneself and others, and also a creation of something useful, beautiful, creative and natural – the barefoot trail, which would help returning to nature and grounding oneself through the barefoot walk. Continue reading

Project of your dreams: nature, games, dance, sport…

BeFunky Collage3Nature, games, dance, sport, meditation, adventure, challenge, culture, great fun and plenty of new friends! These words briefly yet accurately describe the project Natural which took place during the first two weeks of July in the Land of flats and bikes. Almost 50 people from all over the Europe came to the Netherlands to participate in this unique and exciting Erasmus+ project which aimed to reconnect young people with nature and broaden their environmental awareness. The Czech team consisted of one boy Vojta and four ladies – Gabča, Katka, Kamča and Marťa. Nevertheless, we soon met also participants from other countries – Bulgaria, Latvia, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Greece and the Netherlands and understood that even though we all come from different corners of Europe, we have lot of in common and that we are going to make a great team together!

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Past of Nature is Future

5René, Eva and Eva went on youth exchange called Nature is Future to Croatia. What did they learn there? 

Sustainable living, being in harmony of nature, navigation in nature, natural resources, edible plants, importance of protecting natural areas were the topics of the youth exchange Nature is Future. The project was very well organized and it involved all these topics. Continue reading

Dancing, surfing, and sun in Portugal

porto5Markéta and Gabka went on dance training course E+Motion to Portugal. Do you want to know how they enjoyed? 

We arrived! It was such a lovely change from the cold Czech Republic to hot Portuguese city Porto. It feels like we nearly came to spend our holiday here – small cafés in narrow streets of Porto, the ocean really close to the city center, local people who are always smiling, blue and white patterns on old buildings and a lot of sun.

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3D: Discover, Dare and Dive In!

DSCF2738Radka participated on our May training organised under Brno Connected ans in this blog she is sharing her experience. The topic of our projects is very often personal development that is closely connected to learning and education. How to combine self- development, formal approached and those that are les formal? How to start from myself and transfer it to others?

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