A month after Care to Communicate (C2C)

1 (110)What kind of impressions stay with you after a project ? What happens days and weeks after? Pavel participated in our project Care to Communicate that happened in May 2018 and he is sharing his impressions. Project was focusing on communication skills of young people and support in ways of finding authentic communication.

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Heroes of ancient Greece (project Symposium, 2.-11.5.2018)

32187693_1754809894584672_2539179266621308928_oYouth exchange called Symposium – great opportunity to be a Greek ancient hero. The youth exchange took place in Hopeland – a really wonderful place where amazing people can live, work and really find themselves – it was an actual land of hope. The project setup was inspired by LARP – Live Action Roleplay so immediately after arrival, all of us – the participants, found themselves inside of the game og mythology and high stakes. In the beginning, we were divided into four ancient cities – Athens, Delphi, Corinth and Sparta. Our adventure was about to begin. We forgot our real lifes and we became part of Ancient Greece.

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RestART 2.2.-14.2. 2018 Ommen

27907516_1340215652751350_9134696881364694643_oDany went to the Netherlands for art project RestART. What does he say about it?

“A project which helped us restart ourselves and our relationships and connection with arts, yourself and others through embodied art. What is it – embodied arts? It is art which you experience with your body – it could be dance, theater, martial arts, singing, painting and many others.”

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Re-Connecting at Fuerteventura

IMG_1376In Brno Connected team, we take different roles in the international projects. Sometimes we lead the projects and deliver the programme and sometimes, we go as participants, to get new energy and inspiration. In November Katka and Dori went as participants to the project Re-Connecting that was led by our Šárka as one of the trainers.

We want to share our experience from the island of Fuerteventura, from the mountains, where their is nothing and a space for everything appears, a space for slowing down, tuning into our own rhythm, journey to ourselves, re-connection.

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What did we experience in November 2017 with Brno Connected? Project Re: Source!

DSCF4683xThe project was attended by 29 young people who created an amazing atmosphere. Although the weather was cold and cloudy, we enjoyed sunshine together, because the Sluňákov ecocentre where the course was held is built to catch the sunshine. Even though it was a meeting of Bulgarians, Greeks, Italians, Spaniards, Hungarians and Czechs, six different nationalities, at the end it was almost impossible to know who is who. We were one big family. And we did not do any classic teambuilding activities.

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