Somewhere in Hungary the magic happened… 09/2018

Eyes are the windows to the soul. This very famous saying known already from the Bible made our journey through the “Speak Up: Communicate effectively” project very special. We started as a group of individuals in Hollókö, Hungary close to Slovakian boarder. Thanks to series of activities, tools, techniques and workshops we changed. A lot. The term COMMUNITY has proved to be important as each of us became an  important part of it. The group of 27 people from 6 countries shared together for 8 days space, vegetarian food, entertainment, time and thoughts.

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Leave Your Trace was a short-term EVS  (European volunteer service) in a small Croatian village called Veliki Žitnik. We arrived on 12th August and we were there until 27th August 2018. There were volutneers from Czech republic, Latvia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Poland and Germany and we all got along very well. We played some great games, which helped us to remember the names of all participants very quickly and also to learn some stuff about each other.

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DSC_5533In the middle of the summer somewhere in the east Netherlands fifty people from ten different countries meet for twelve sunny days to improve employability and entrepreneurship by enjoying the many inspiring outdoor activities and intensifying their behavioral cultural and emotional competencies. Young and inspiring Italians, Greeks, Czechs, Bulgarians, Romanians, Macedonians, Croatians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Netherlanders connected with local Dutch communities and improved personal and interpersonal skills, abilities and capacities.

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Your Heart’s A Compass, Latvia

37334828_1938960956171747_2429751265220100096_oIn summer 2018, a Czech group participated in a project called Your Heart’s A Compass in Latvia, organised by our partner organisation Piedzivojuma Gars. The project offer space to explore connection to nature and through it, connecting to one self.

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A month after Care to Communicate (C2C)

1 (110)What kind of impressions stay with you after a project ? What happens days and weeks after? Pavel participated in our project Care to Communicate that happened in May 2018 and he is sharing his impressions. Project was focusing on communication skills of young people and support in ways of finding authentic communication.

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